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Porsche Cayenne Trailer Hitch Electronic Harness

If you have purchased a Porsche Cayenne with the trailer hitch option, you’re in for a rude awakening when you go to connect a boat or trailer to the back of your SUV. You’ll find that there is no socket to connect the electronics for the tail lights, turn signals, and breaks.
The part in question can be found, of course, on

When the Cayennes shipped from Germany, the factory in Stuttgart/Leipzig equips vehicles with the trailer option with an Audi/VW harness and covers it with a blank plastic cover. If this were Toyota or Honda, they’d add a US compatible socket at their port build facility (where they add US rated bumpers and other US only options). But Porsche (and probably Audi, VW) does not do this.

The part you’ll need is the Pollak 11-893P 7-Way Sealed RV OEM Socket.¬†This will add a a US compatible 7 blade socket like the Reese Towpower 74607 7-Way to 4-Way Flat Blade Wiring Adapter¬†with a spring loaded flap, so you can connect/disconnect the trailer electronics at will.

You’ll just need to remove the four Phillips head screw holding the blank panel, unclip it from the vehicle (becareful not to break the prongs), then insert the Pollak socket in its place, and finally, put the screws back in. It’s an easy DIY additions that costs less than $20 – which would probably be close to $160 at the dealer (A VW dealer quoted $68 just for the socket).

This probably works for the VW Touareg and Audi SUVs also. Good luck!

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