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Lutron Maestro Dimmer 3-way Crossed Wires

If you are having trouble with the Lutron Maestro dimmer in a 3-way application, check that the two load wires (one on Brass and the other on Blue) are not crossed over.

The LED on the master unit will not light but the load wire will be energized when the FASS is pushed in. That means the Hot wire is connected correctly to the Black screw on the master switch but the electricity is not flowing to the Load on the Black screw on the companion switch, thus there is no path to Neutral.

The LED on the master unit will not light without a path from Hot to Neutral when you cross Brass to Blue/Blue to Brass. With a voltage tester, you’ll quickly find that the wire on the Blue screw on the companion unit is energized.

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Adding an ACC Powered Equipment to a 2008 Porsche Cayenne Turbo

So, for a while, I’ve been testing out some Dashboard Cameras and iPhone chargers that utilize the Cigarette Lighter Socket in the car. When I decided to mount the equipment to the car permanently, I wanted to draw power from the car from somewhere other than the Cigarette Lighter Socket where I had to keep the ash tray open. I also wanted the power to turn on and shut off with the ignition of the vehicle.

On the Cayenne’s two fuse box by the driver’s side and passenger side doors, there are some open sockets for factory installed options. In the vehicle manual, it should be marked “auxiliary” or “un-used”. But if you peek into the sockets, you’ll see that one side of the fuse socket will have a metal conductor. Using a voltmeter, check that you get 12V when you turn on the ignition and goes to zero when you shut off the car. If you still have something like 0.3V when you shut off the ignition, that fuse is on a timed relay from the CAN-BUS system and not a TRUE switched 12V socket. Don’t trust my photos. Each vehicle is wired differently due to the factory options available on the Cayenne. Always check and re-check with a voltmeter.

There are two of these switched 12V fuse sockets in both fuse boxes for a total of four (4). You may use a fuse tap, a blade socket, or add-a-fuse type piggy-back to get the 12V+ from these socket. On the driver’s side fuse box, there is a hex head screw on the metal frame of the dash to supply the Ground (GND) but this is absent on the passenger side… unless you’re vehicle has been pre-configured with a grounding post for optional equipment. For those who are not so lucky, you can easily tap a hole into the metal frame to screw in a grounding post.


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DTC B2aaa

B2aaa is not a real DTC error code. It is a placeholder value for DTC reader manufacturers. It should be labeled as “N/A” or “Unknown”, but programmers in China don’t really care.

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How to Get Comcast to Bury the Cable

When Comcast (or any other cable provider) installs a new cable line, the installer usually just drops and leaves the new cable line sprawled on the lawn. They have numerous install jobs to go to and they are not wasting their time to bury the cables.

In many states, including Illinois, there are regulations that cable companies must follow. One of them being, they must bury the cable. But this is not a law in the state constitution. It’s just a regulation that Comcast would get penalized if they don’t follow it. I seriously doubt the Illinois executive branch actually enforces this regulation.


As a business, companies like Comcast have two things to worry about. Lawsuits and Shareholders. So a threat of a lawsuit stemming from unburied cables and a warning from a shareholder watchdog group would scare Comcast into burying the cable.

The first part is easy, mention to Comcast customer service that the unburied cable is a “Safety hazard”, “somebody could trip on it and get injured”. Because they record all calls, they can’t say the customer didn’t warn them about a potential death trap.

The second part is a little-bit arcane. Shareholders don’t like when employees don’t follow their own corporation’s rules and procedures. So when you mention a rule or procedure by name, the employee will be sure to jump on it. The particular procedure is called a “Drop (Down) Bury Order”.

When you say this word or type it into a chat, a special screen becomes available to the employee. It actually lets the customer service person pass your info to a local contractor, usually a landscaper working on the side, to come out to your yard and bury the cable.


The Drop Bury Order will only work if the cable line has already been installed (dropped). You cannot schedule a bury order at the time of your installation order, it must be installed and working to be buried. The install tech must close the install order.

You must mention the “Safety hazard” “Injury” or any other kind of catastrophic lawsuit words, like “If a fire broke out at night”. If necessary, go out and touch the cable at night and say “I couldn’t see it and almost cracked my head”.

Remember, if you call at night, you’re talking with somebody in India. They do not understand how houses have lawns or patios in America. They don’t understand the litigious nature of neighbors. They don’t understand the craziness of HOAs. So be patient but firm. Be respectful and thank them, at least for their effort.

Good luck!

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Using curl to download sequential files

We all know one may use curl to download sequential files like this:

curl -O[01-09].txt

But what if the site admin named the files using a more complicated scheme like “file01_101.txt” and “file02_102.txt”?

You can actually pass a simple for loop using a variable, like this:

for x in {1..9}; do curl -O{$x}_10{$x}.txt; done;

If the URL gets more complicated like “file01-oo.jpg” and “file02-01.jpg” but still have a pattern, you can get creative too!

for x in {1..9}; do y=$(( $x-1 )); 
//for testing// echo "file0$x_$y.jpg"; 
//actual// curl -O{$x}_{$y}.jpg; 

HTH :)

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