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    Need an old DVD? Try your local library.

    If you don’t have Netflix or you don’t like streaming videos from Apple or Amazon, then your only choice of watching any movie you want to watch on-demand is through pre-recorded media. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find individual DVDs of older movies, as studios do not reprint more discs of not-so-popular movies.

    Before going to a local mega-box store or looking for it on Amazon, you should try your local library. If it’s not at the one in your district, you could always go to neighboring areas. Libraries have a reciprocal program, where you can borrow books and media from almost any library. Many libraries even let you search their database from the web.

    And you know the best part about it? It’s FREE as long as you return the materials on time. So try your local library for that hard to find DVD! By the way, don’t be a pirate.

    Also, if you replaced some of your DVD collection with Blu-ray discs, be a good guy and donate them to the library.

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    You Invaded MY Space

    His name is Harry or Barry.

    This guy rolled his swivel chair over to my cubicle and told me to tone my voice down during a phone call while sitting in the business center at the local airport lounge. I was talking much quieter than the two women down the aisle but I guess he didn’t like me being right behind him. I was here two hours before he arrived and already manned with a notebook computer, a cell phone and a stationary phone. The cubicles in the business center are equipped with courtesy phones too. If he wanted quiet, he should have moved to the Quiet Room on the other side of the lounge (yes, there is such a room here).

    BTW, there is somebody here with a laptop from like the 80s with a keyboard that goes “CLAK CLAK CLAK” every time they hit the space bar.

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    10th Anniversary!

    I can’t believe it. CeliaMania has been around for 10 years this May. What was I doing in May of 1999? I think I was trying to convince everyone to move all their data to a Mac to prevent Y2K data corruption. Nothing really happened with Y2K, but  within a year, everybody hit the 2 GB wall with Windows.

    I started my Internet citizenship in 1995. I still remember the first site we had with the <blink>  tag. I was still using an Apple Powerbook 540c and carrying around a 500 MB external hard drive with compiled projects. Now my cell phone is more powerful than those two combined.