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    10th Anniversary!

    I can’t believe it. CeliaMania has been around for 10 years this May. What was I doing in May of 1999? I think I was trying to convince everyone to move all their data to a Mac to prevent Y2K data corruption. Nothing really happened with Y2K, but  within a year, everybody hit the 2 GB wall with Windows.

    I started my Internet citizenship in 1995. I still remember the first site we had with the <blink>  tag. I was still using an Apple Powerbook 540c and carrying around a 500 MB external hard drive with compiled projects. Now my cell phone is more powerful than those two combined.

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    Mojibake with Japanese Filenames

    Japanese filenames will cause MOJIBAKE in squirrelmail when POST is used through PHP. You will need to make the following changes to php.ini on a new server.

    mbstring.language = Japanese

    mbstring.http_input = auto

    You may also force, if you wish:

    .internal_encoding = EUC-JP

    but, it is not necessary to do so.

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    US CPB Expands Global Entry Program to Public

    The United States Customs and Border Patrol has opened it’s “Global Entry” program to the wider public last summer. Global Entry is a travel program that prescreens US citizens and nationals to expedite immigration and customs formalities at participating international airports. Approved travelers will be able to use designated kiosks at participating airports to electronically process their entry into the US without waiting in line with the droves of other travelers.

    The problem with the program currently