Life Lessons

  • Life Lessons

    Happy 2009!?

    Well, sentiments of the title aside, the past year was quite full of shit for me. Yes, yes, there were happy moments here and there, but overall, one betrayal after another, employees embezzling from the company, and competitors trying to kill me (literally, murder!), 2008 was awful.

    But I am thankful and ever grateful for those people that stuck by me and believed in me… or at least believed in our business. Some of them were badly hurt, some of them even died. Their sacrifices will not be in vein.

    I hope to see some people eliminated this new year.

  • Life Lessons

    China Will Stop At Nothing

    CNN reports that some of the footage used in the world wide broadcast of the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony was prepared footage – not live, and some were even computer generated. Some people may find that dishonest, but then, isn’t it dishonest to superimpose sponsors’ logos and athlete information on the screen when in fact, it is not floating around in mid-air at the stadium? Who told you those were super-imposed? Nobody. You just know. And as spectators living in the 21st century, we should just be able to tell apart the difference between live footage and a computer generated one. It is said that, “The one who gets tricked, is at fault”.