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    The Pacific

    The HBO miniseries “The Pacific” starts tomorrow night (3/14) in the United States. I am not sure that this is the right time to come out with a series showing the Japanese being the “supposedly bad-guy”. Of course, I imagine that the creators are going to tastefully insert some form of “they’re just soldiers, just like us” somewhere in episode 9 of 10, but that would be too late.

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    Tactical Gear: Made In Japan?

    A quick shout out to the folks at Volk Tactical Gear in Osaka, Japan. VTG is a manufacturer of MOLLE compatible gear, such as webbing, rigs, and vests. Their gear is sewn with quality workmanship only available from the country that also ships the most sewing machines in the world.

    Ah, smart people have guessed, this is really a hidden plug for sewing machines… No not really.

    One advice:

    VOLK TACTICAL GEAR introduces new items and new deals on Saturday night around 20:00 JST. If you happen to order something late Friday, you’ll be dissappointed to find out that it went on sale less than 24 hours later. So DON’T ORDER FROM VTG ON FRIDAY NIGHT!

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