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    PHP4.3 from Entropy [by celiawessen]

    PHP and MySQL:: PHP4.3 from Entropy
    The newest distro of PHP 4 for Mac OS X from Marc Liyanage's Entropy.ch site already contains some functions in the default header. Therefore, if your PHP scripts contain declarations for those functions, errors (like those below) will appear:

    Fatal error
    Cannot redeclare clear_parse() in /usr/local/lib/php/[i]dbname[/i]/class.FastTemplate.php on line 641

    This may be quite tedious to fix if your site consists of many pages calling to numerous include files.

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    Apple releases new iPods

    Apple announced the arrival of new iPod music players. The second generation iPods have four touch sensitive buttons in addition to the scroll wheel to make navigation and control easier. They come in 10, 15, or 30 GB capacities and the new body has rounded edges and are actually thinner. They also come with a docking unit to make recharging, FireWire connection, and audio connections easier.

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    Apple releases iTunes 4 and songs for 99 cents

    Apple has released iTunes 4 with intergrated music store features and the ability to play AAC encoded music files. Apple has arranged with major record labels to license out songs for personal use for just 99 cents a song. People who buy the rights may play and copy music files as they would have cassette tapes in the olden days without flack from RIAA. iTunes 4 also supports the second generation iPods.