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    Cannot boot after clearing NVRAM [by celiawessen]

    Vending Machine-less Lounge:: Cannot boot after clearing NVRAM
    I have a old Dell Dimension XPS P90. I was going to throw it away, but at least wanted to format the hard drive. Unfortunately, I have forgotten my BIOS password – the machine's 10 years old!

    So, I went to switch the jumpers on the motherboard, but ended up replacing the wrong one. I used the NRM/CLR jumper instead of the ENA/DIS PSWD jumper. So ofcourse, the setting got flushed out and I was stuck with a computer that did not start from the HD.

    After the POST memory check, the BIOS recognized the hard drive as a Maxtor 3100, then told me “BOOT DISK ERROR”. I tried booting from a floppy and using fdisk, but fdisk could not find a drive physically attached to the computer.

    I later found out that by removing the Master jumper from the primary hard drive resolved the problem.

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    Order_Update module: Update button [by celiawessen]

    osCommerce:: Order_Update module: Update button
    The Order_Update module has a small bug where it does not show the “Update” button correctly. This is because the “button_upgrade_order.gif” does not exsist. You may create this button and add it to your includes/languages/english/images/buttons/ directory, but you could also change the code in orders.php to reference the “buttons_update.gif” instead.

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    Re: P&G Shipping Module (Manual Entry) v.0.8 [by celiawessen]

    osCommerce:: P&G Shipping Module (Manual Entry) v.0.8
    8. Although not yet implemented, the SPG blacklisting feature is turned on. You'll cannot turn it of easily, so just live with it. You'll need to add a new field to your customers table using phpMyAdmin or mysql through the terminal.

    char 1, default 0null

    9. Copy admin/orders.php from v.0.6. For the Japanese version, you'll need to add the differences for the “process” function.

    10. admin/applications_top.php is missing some definitions. Add the necessary codes listed in the v.0.6 INSTALL file.

    11. Add a field to the orders table using phpMyAdmin.

    text 25null

    12. Add the next lines to admin/includes/application_top.php:



    13. Copy the button_login.gif and button_create_order.gif from v.0.6 to admin/includes/languages/english/images/buttons

    14. Add lines to catalog/incluldes/application_top.php


    and add codes from v.0.6 INSTALL files.
    Do the same for configure.php, catalog/application_top.php, admin/application_top.php.