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    Panther: MSIE menu bar Moji-bake [by celiawessen]

    Vending Machine-less Lounge:: Panther: MSIE menu bar Moji-bake
    Problem: 2 byte fonts such as Japanese and Chinese does not show up correctly (moji-bake) in Microsoft Internet Explorer after upgrading to Panther.

    Solution: Turn off your desired language and turn it back on to reinstall hidden files.

    1. Open System Preferences
    2. Open Lanuages preferences
    3. Click 'Edit'
    4. Deselect your messed up language
    5. Make sure English is selected
    6. Click 'OK'
    7. Log out from current account
    8. Log back in
    9. Open System Preferences
    10. Open Languages preferences
    11. Click 'Edit'
    12. Select desired language that you previously turned off
    13. Click 'OK'
    14. Drag desired default language to top
    15. Log out from current account
    16. Log back in

    Mac OS X 10.3 Panther MS IE (Internet Exlorer) ï?éöâªÇØ