• Life Lessons

    Iraq: Japanese Hostages Released

    Somehow the message got across to the abductors that it was not worth their time and effort to keep, or even kill, the three Japanese hostages. Good for them (the abductors).

    I am also hoping that the stupid Japanese “civillians” got it in their heads that they are in a war zone.

  • Life Lessons

    Iraq: Three Japanese Hostages

    People from the Western world have a hard time understanding any culture that is not their own. People from the Eastern world also share that problem.

    The Iraqi’s holding the three Japanese “civillians” may understand America and how its government works under duress, but it does not understand how the Japanese government works.

  • Social dillemas

    Another Terrorist Falls Through The Cracks

    According to this CNN article, a Chinese citizen working in America has sent half a million dollars – in cash – to terrorist front companies in Nigeria.

    By now, most of us know that the e-mails we get from so called Nigerian finaciers are a scam; a scam sanctioned by the Nigerian government to sciphon money from foreign countries. Using this money, the Nigerian army builds its arsenal. This arsenal includes highspeed telco lines and computers.