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    Mac OS X Server 10.3.9: Apple's cyrus reconstruct is broken [by celiawessen]

    Mail Service:: Mac OS X Server 10.3.9: Apple's cyrus reconstruct is broken
    In Mac OS X Server prior to 10.4.1 (that includes 10.4) the reconstruct tool supplied with cyrus has been mangled by Apple. This mangling was due to making reconstruct compatible with migration from a Mac OS 9 AMS server to a Mac OS X cyrus server. This alteration has made the command:


    execute incorrectly, therefore not reconstructing the mailboxes.

    To fix this in 10.3.9, you'll need the replacement reconstruct tool by James Goodlet. This is cyrus reconstruct with its default *NIX behavior recompiled for Mac OS X.

    There are several version of reconstruct when you unzip this file. You wan the one for 10.3.9 and install it where it is executable by the cyrus user.

    -xzvf reconstruct.zip

    cp reconstruct_versions
    /10.3.9/replacement_for_apple_version/reconstruct Â¥


    Then you may run the command:

    -u cyrus /usr/local/bin/reconstruct --f user

    or if you want to re-index the cyrus database with Apple's reconstruct first, then let James' script to fix it, run:

    -u cyrus /usr/bin/cyrus/bin/reconstruct -i

    -u cyrus /usr/local/bin/reconstruct --f user

    For some reason, you have to run James' script on the whole user mailbox list. It didn't work on individual mailboxes.

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    Re: Mac OS X Backup using Retrospect [by celiawessen]

    Vending Machine-less Lounge:: Mac OS X Backup
    Now for the fun part. Most likely if you have a server, you can spare a few hundred bucks to purchase a full-fledged backup scripter like Retrospect from EMC/Dantz.

    Probably for many small scale users, a daily backup is a good choice… but how about a rotating daily backup? I have set up a 5 day rotation scheme; on a server that runs e-mail service, a 7 day rotation might be better.

    I've created five Backup Sets in Retrospect, Monday_backup ~ Friday_backup. Then I told each set to run an incremental backup evey week on the corresponding day at midnight, before all the cron jobs run. I've also made a second schedule entry for a full backup to run every 8 other weeks. That means on the 9th week (2 months), the backup set is flushed and Retrospect does a whole new backup.

    Ding! And a light goes on in you head. Yes, you can even schedule a replication of the bi-monthly backups so that you can go back 8 weeks if you need to!

    Oh, and although you can backup your whole hard drive, it may be a good idea to set up a selector that I named “Mac OS X” that will only select the files mentioned in the first post for backup. This will prevent backing up any crappy source files you've been compiling off /temp or /src. You should always put “good” file in a user's home directory.

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    Mac OS X Server 10.3.x SquirrelMail SSL Hack [by celiawessen]

    SquirrelMail:: Mac OS X Server 10.3.x SquirrelMail SSL Hack
    This is an article from: [url]http://www.whatsmyip.org/misc/osxserversquirrelmailhack/[/url]

    Real Quick
    So there is an issue with OS X Server, where OS X tells SquirrelMail that SSL is enabled, even when its not. This causes some strange problems, like when you send an email, in Safari the mail will send but you won't be forwarded back to the inbox. In FireFox, the mail is sent but you get some strange error -12281. Well the solution (hack) to this problem is to make SquirrelMail always use non SSL. The other solution is to actually configure and USE SSL. But for the hack:

    Hack Away…

    1) Open up this file

    2) Go to line 239 (229 for me: celia) in the file. It should be a blank line, below it should be:
    /* Get the hostname from the Host header or server config. */

    3) Add the following to the blank line:
    $proto = 'http://';

    Thats it. That does it, just save and reload and SquirrelMail should now work properly. Alternativly, instead of adding that bit of code, you can instead comment out the block above line 239, so that line 216 is the last code before 239. That will also work.
    This hack is done with 10.3.9 and SM 1.4.4. Other versions might have differnet results. Thanks to #squirrelmail! (4/2005)