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    Mac OS X 10.4.0 client: BIND does not launch correctly [by celiawessen]

    BIND:: Mac OS X 10.4.0 client: BIND does not launch correctly
    If you are planning to run BIND on the client version of Mac OS X 10.4, there is a flaw in the new boot launch process daemon launchd that will launch named before the network is up. This prohibits named from knowing the IP address of the local machine, therefore named will not be able to listen on port 53 of the unknown IP address.

    BIND will only work if you kill -HUP the named process. BTW, by default BIND is run as a single process, not a daemon. This is not good if you want this machine to be a full fledged DNS server.

    What you will need to do is to go back to the old way of launching BIND from StartupItems. Below are the contents of the startup files:




    # BIND name service.


    . /etc/rc.common

    if [ "${DNSSERVER:=-NO-}" "-YES-" ]; then

    "Starting named cleanly"

    /usr/sbin/named -/etc/named.conf




    Description     "DNS server";

    Provides        = ("BIND");

    Requires        = ("Network");

    Uses            = ("Network");

    OrderPreference "None";


    By using this startup item, launchd will actually sense that named is running as a daemon and stop the named process running in the foreground.

    Don't forget to turn on DNSSERVER in /etc/hostconfig