• Sidetracked


    Being the busy body that I am, I rarely have time to sit down and watch TV when the programs are actually aired. So the recent boom in the DVD box set market is a god-send for people like me. Unfortunately, it means that I selectively watch shows on an exclusive basis, therefore without knowledge of what WAS going on in the current affairs of the world at the time of airing. Also, it means that I am intensely immersed in a whole season of one single show at a time – therefore, the effects of the show is heavily apparent in my behavior for the next few days, weeks, or even months.

    I finished watching season four of 24, starring Kiefer Sutherland. It was pretty good, in that other characters rarely got in the way of Jack Bauer. Of course, he broke more laws and promises than ever, but hey, that’s what you gotta do if you’re saving the world – I know.

    So, I’ve noticed that my interpesonal skills have improved after watching four seasons of 24. Now I have no problem dealing with people who do not cooperate with me. I just coerce them.

  • Sidetracked

    Fortune Cookie

    It read, “You will make a fotune / with your friend”. The numbers on the back were, “5 11 25 33 41. 16”.

    I do not have many friends, so it would be very easy for me to pick up the phone, call my friend, and say, “Hey, I’m gonna make a fortune with you!”… but I won’t. He’s getting married this week, and making a fortune is probably not on his mind.

  • Confusion

    Head like a hole

    After a visit with some friends at the hospital, I drove myself in the Company SUV to one of our admin locations. On the way there, I was listening to an alternative rock radio station. I guess this MP3 “shuffle” thing is everywhere – they were playing something from 10 years ago. “Head like a hole” by Nine Inch Nails. Before I knew it, I was singing along… then it suddenly HIT ME. I sounded like a TERRORIST.