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    Jack Bauer in 2005 Calorie Mate CM

    Kiefer Sutherland as Jack Bauer in a Japanese TV commercial for Calorie Mate products. The Otsuka Pharmaceutical page does not show the links anymore, but they still host the streams on their servers (WMP 300Kbps streams).

    They are all hilarious – as in well made comedy. The commercials use the agitated and screaming Jack in a pseudo conversation with the Japanese characters. Jack yells into his comm the correct answer to the seemingly unrelated lines by the other characters.

    Jack Bauer lands in Tokyo – “Teams A and B are Go!” (Calorie Mate Block)
    15 sec version: WMP | Real
    30 sec version: WMP | Real
    60 sec version: WMP | Real

    Jack Bauer: Tail – “Let me through!” (Calorie Mate Jelly Drink)
    15 sec version: WMP | Real
    30 sec version: WMP | Real

    Jack Bauer: Conflict – “Move over!” (Calorie Mate Canned Soup)
    15 sec version: WMP | Real
    30 sec version: WMP | Real

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    Bendable iPod

    I had a dream this morning about a new iPod… well, at least a new ad for the new iPod.

    New! Bendable screen! (I have no idea why you need a bendable screen)
    New! File browser! (open PDFs and MS Word documents on your iPod)
    New! Print directly from your iPod! (with the N009 USB cable sold separately – amazing I even remember the part number) Send documents to the printer or a computer screen!

    I don’t know… bendable!?

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    The agony

    Sometimes, I wonder if I were better off dead. Everytime, I quickly come to the conclusion that I would rather stay alive. But then, I have to endure living hell.

    “Living hell” is a funny phrase. In Buddhism, there are six ways to suffer. One of them is the human world – literally a “living hell”.

    Purge and rebuild.

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    Apple USB Modem woes

    Looks like a lot of Mac users are having problems with getting their Apple USB modem to work. In today’s broadband world, we have all forgotten how to use a modem.

    Remember, K56Flex and X2 – the two competing standards that gave birth to the deformed ITU v.90 baby?

    56K is afterall de facto American. Many countries around the world did not care about the maximum upstream limitations (supposedly for counter terrorism) – and now with broadband, it sounds totally silly. Many of the ISPs in Europe and Asia do not support v.90 or v.92. The last known standard to them is v.34.

    And are we forgetting about dialing 9?

    It was not easy setting up the modem in your old computer. And it wasn’t your fault. It was just that there were too many configurations that had to be compatible between you and the modem on the other side. Now that most engineers are not working to improve modem technology, Apple has done a superb job of trying to keep things simple. But of course, it’s a modem – you should expect to be tinkering with it for a few days before it starts working.