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    Fuck Scam SPAM, I’ll sell you my information.

    I really hate junk mail. I wish I had a nickel for every damn spam I got. That’s like $15/hr on just my bussiness account… hmm, I could stop working.

    Another thing I hate are those “Free iPod” offers, scouring the net for your personal information. Hell, if they get paid for my personal info, then I want a piece of the pie.

    On average, marketing companies will pay $40~$60/person for a confirmed list of name, address, phone, 18 or over, Male/Female information. Since that information is mine, I’d like to at least get 60% of the revenues. That info didn’t come free for me either you bastards, I earned it by being born and alive for my entire life… can any of you give birth to me again if somebody stole my personal information? No? Then you better pay me for the risks I’m taking by lending you my information. Yeah, it’s a licensing fee.

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    Flag/Unflag button

    SquirrelMail:: Flag/Unflagg button
    After every update of Squirrelmail, you should check that all you plugins are working. Some plugins that you need to make changes to the PHP and HTML sources will stop working if those PHP/HTML pages were updated. One of these plugins is msg_flags.

    The Flag/Unflag button on the top right of the screen will stop working and start putting things in the trash if you forget to patch the files. Use the patch file provided by the plugin (without the -R option).