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    Fujitsu Ten Six Disc In-Dash CD Changer [by celiawessen]

    Vending Machine-less Lounge:: Fujitsu Ten Six Disc In-Dash CD Changer
    Today, I've removed the factory standard six disc CD changer from the dashboard of a 1998 Lexus LX470. "But why"? you ask. Because ever since the end of summer, the unit has been giving me an "ERR 3" error – firmware disruption due to a disc getting stuck in the machinery. It had eaten five of my precious music discs.

    Tools of the Trade
    – Flat head screw driver
    – Phillips head screw driver (#1)
    – Metric Plus (+) driver (you could use a US #P0 instead)
    – Electric tape

    Removal of the Assembly Plate
    First, wrap a piece of tape around the phillips head screw driver. Make sure to wrap a good length of it with tape, because you'll be using this as a soft tipped pry-bar (see image).

    The wood pattern Assemby Plate is snapped into the dashboard in 8 places (see image). Start prying from the top center, sides, inside by the volume/tune knobs, then finally the bottom. Slide the whole assy out. Becareful, there are still wires connected to the AC controls.

    Removal of the Audio Unit
    If you are prone to static electricity, there is a good chance you'll get zapped by the car battery. You won't die, but it hurts A LOT. You may want to disengage the Negative (-) lead to the battery before continuing.

    The audio unit is secured by four screws. Unscrew and remove the screws (maybe into your cup holder?). Pull out the audio unit a little, remove the antennae cables by pulling them straight out. Remove the audio control cables by pressing on the tab of the harness (white part) and pulling straight out.

    Audio Unit Disassembly
    I lost count, but there is about 20 screws that need to come off this thing. There are two kinds of screws on this unit, so make sure you remember which one goes where. Or, just mark the holes for the shorter screws with the round heads with a magic marker.

    Unscrew the bottom plate, back plate, then the side plate (in that order). The bottom plate will lift up, then you can loosen the side plates to remove the knotch on the bottom plate.

    Remove the CD player from the whole assembly by un-hooking the retention springs from the left side (right side if you're looking from the bottom).

    Disc Removal
    If you look inside the CD player, you will see 5 slots for discs and probably will find one in the spinner. You may easily push out the 5 discs "at-rest" by taking a thin object and nudging the discs from the back.

    The "now-playing" disc in the spinner must be pushed down (or up depending on your orientation) off of the spinner, then pushed back towards the "at-rest" bay. Once there, the disck can be pushed back under the "now-playing" carriage, and out the same way as the "at-rest" discs.

    Quite logically, do the previous steps in reverse order. Hooking the springs on and aligning the studs to the air-cushion is tediously difficult. TAKE YOUR TIME.

    The "ERR 3" error is a firmware failure. I wasn't able to find any way to reset it after removing the discs. The unit kept on displaying "ERR 3" even when it was empty. Therefore, the CD player function is now un-usable. Since I am planning on getting rid of this vehicle soon, this is not a problem. I have masked the CD slot with black tape.

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    People who know me, know that I HATE it when people smoke. I don’t necessarily hate the PERSON that smokes, unless that person is RUDE with his/her smoking habits. I guess I hate rude people too.

    On November 16th, 2006, the state of Hawaii passed the smoking ban law. Effective the same day, indoor smoking was banned from all restaurants and bars across the islands. Now smoking is only allowed in designated smoking areas.

    Tourists from heavily smoking nations, mainly Japan, are griping about this new law. But I don’t think they came to Hawaii to see the beach over-run with smoking Japanese tourists either.

    On local TV, people in bars and restaurants were being interviewed. Owners and employees were worried about the negative effects on business. What they need to remember is that this ban is equal for EVERYBODY. Customers will come back in a few short weeks.

    What made me chuckle was the comments from smokers. Comments like, “What about MY right to smoke freely”?

    If I were there, I would have added, “Yes, and what about the rights of murderers to kill freely”? It is scientifically proven that smoking is bad for the majority, if not all, of the human race. There is a major medical concensus that smoking is an addiction. And it has been agreed upon by the legislatures that this smoking ban is good overall for the community. Nobody said that you can’t smoke, just that you cannot smoke where you are bothering other people’s rights to their lives. Go ahead, go smoke at home. Smoke at work. Smoke on a private beach. Just don’t light up when I’m trying to breath.

    Think of it this way. Smoking is like masturbating. Please don’t take it out in the restaurant and have it spew all over my food.

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    While my colleague wonders about white hair, I too contemplate on the subject of age. I myself feel young, but that perception is always annihilated when I see new recruits.

    Many of them are fresh out of college, some 18. I am closer in age to their mother than I am to them. Wow!

    Over the weekend, I saw a group of Navy sailors. They were so cuwt – I almost cried. We are sending these kids to the battlefields and asking for them to be shot at and killed.

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    Hair cut

    I was watching Anderson Cooper on TV and of course, was intrigued by his short silver hair. I started wondering if he always looked like that. So I Googled some JPGs on him. Hmm, it seems as though Anderson has had short hair since the web can remember. According to an article by he himself he had gray hair for 16 years now.

    Then I wondered, “He’s always busy 24/7/365. When does he get his hair cut”?

    What was my point? I don’t know, it melted away while I was typing the previous paragraph. Oh well.

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    We all make choices in life. Some more important than others. Some forced, some by free will.


    Those were the three choices that I was forced to pick from. The only other choice was to forget and walk away.

    “The second choice takes more courage than the first, and the third more than the second”.

    Sure, revenge was easy. But that meant that the results would be disasterous. Forgiveness on the other hand was very difficult – I wasn’t sure if I was ready to forgive them for what they did. But what was absolution? What would absolutely positively finish whatever this mess has become and absolve the most explosive anger and dissolve every little guilt and regret?

    “I know it’s difficult for you to choose”.

    What would remove them from the face of this universe, remove them from the memories of the victims, and remove every trace of evidence that this ever happend? What did I need to do to free everybody involved?

    “You’re not a perfect human being. What do you think gives you the right to be judge, jury, and executioner”?

    My hand was trembling. I noticed that my toes and fingertips were cold. What does give me the right to take revenge or forgive?

    “You know what DOES give you the right? Circumstance.”

    Right. The fact that I am here with the opportunity to judge and execute does give me the right to choose, but really, DO I?

    “If you’re not sure, just walk away. But this kind of opportunity may never arise again”.

    Yes, I worked very hard for this. It was near impossible to get here. But if I do this, I’ll never be able to take it back.

    “Of course, but they can’t take back what they did either”.

    But was I the right person?

    “Who else is there? God? Do you think god bothers to come down here personally every time something like this needs to be done? NO. You need to choose.”

    Then it uttered with a sob, “Please don’t kill me”.

    I pulled the trigger.