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    Our Network

    Last week’s earthquake has nocked out some telecommunication lines in Asia, as some countries struggle to get back up to full speed, they should take this chance to re-check the security of these lines. Some countries that rely heavily on computer networks to manage their government, economy, and other infrastructure may find that it is too late. They have been compromised.

    Some “experts” on military operations and business operations have questioned our seemingly impossible ability to rapidly mobilize. We seem to be everywhere in the world on a second’s notice. Well, it is not impossible. FedEx does that… even Coca Cola is in over 200 countries (in every UN and WHO member country, if I’m not mistaken) with agents all over the place. So let them tell you it’s not impossible.

    As I prepare for another operation somewhere on this spinning blue ball, I realize that it is the last day of 2006.

    I wish a happy new year to all of my friends, and living hell for all my enemies.

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    Merry Christmas

    So, as editor-in-chief of this blog, I got stuck posting the Christmas article.

    As I perch atop a citadel wall in the middle of China, I wonder what wonderous meals my cohorts in the States have just finished. I bet they had sweet potatoes.

    It is already the day after here, and I am in full winter-camo, shivvering once in a while over a aluminum can of hot water. It is just past noon and the warmest hours of the days will hopefully mean something. I guess this is a familiar excersize for my counterpart across the bridge, but I would kill for a Snickers bar right now.

    In a hour or so, a convoy will pass on the dirt road below. It is my job to stop it, and it is the other guy’s job to stop me. I better start moving around to get some heat going.

    Oh… Merry Christmas.

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    Draft: Not Beer

    An article on CNN.com highlights the subject of the draft again amidst the confusing war the US is fighting in Iraq.

    I myself am FOR a selective service system that makes each and every American responsible to at least answer to the call for a draft. “You don’t have to join, but you have to call back and tell us. If you want to join the ARMY, press 1. If you want to join the MARINES, press 2…”.

    Only males age 18 and higher are registered in the selective service database – and only those that have confirmed their existence through the Dept. of Social Security. The problem with this is that non-US citizens are also registered with Social Security. Receiving a salary and paying taxes in America does not mean you are American. It doesn’t even mean that you are living in America. You could be a terrorist cell member that consults for a US tech company but you’re office could be in Dubai. Is the Selective Service going to call upon you, and because of your masters degree from Harvard, you could be an officer in the US Navy… on a ship with nuclear missles, and in charge of authenticating “the code”.

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    Money, Law, No Problem

    Like I said before, if you can’t solve a problem using money or with the help of the law, there is only one other way to get what you want. It is probably something that whomever is on the other side of this problem doesn’t want to go through. But, it has come to that, and tonight we launched an operative into the field to get the deed done.

    Oh, it’s easy, you just point and shoot.

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    212 Degrees

    For those of you that are keen on your Farenheit to Celcius conversions, 212 F equals 100 C, the temperature at wich water boils. It is also the new motto coined by Mac Anderson, you know, the guy that comes up with those motivational posters from Successories, Inc.

    Well, I received one of his DVD/Book combo in the mail, autographed and all. Apparently, one of my high volume clients thought I’d be interested in such a product for my Holiday perusal. No chance.

    The 212 degree motivational material explains that one insignificant degree will change hot water into steam and in business, it only takes one more effort to achieve the extra-ordinary. Well, Mr. Anderson, the water at room temperature was only 76 degrees. It is unfair for you to swoop in at the last minute and take credit for raising only one degree.

    This mentality is especially true with this client. This guy does not show appreciation for the people who raised the temperature up to 211. This guy ignores the boiling pot of water and starts from ice. Maybe the gift was NOT a declaration of his commitment to turn it up a notch, but perhaps a hint to us to commit and be more responsible? How dare him. We have shown his company nothing but compassion, cooperation, and dedication. And now, it is costing us.

    Because of the abuses by this client, our company will be losing two of our largest plants. We vouched for him, but he didn’t deliver. Now we are fucked, and that means we have to fuck him.

    It’s too late to boil the water now.