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    Instead of Bread, Eat Cake

    Die hard Apple fans and most Mac users have had a problem for a long time. The lack of a Mac compatible PDA. The Apple iPhone is the answer, but it is rather expensive. Remember the Handspring Vizor for $99? If Apple would release a non-phone version of its PDA for around $200~$250 it would be a great sell… except the rising costs in manufacturing will prevent them from providing such a device at that price – unless of course Americans stop feeling guilty for enslaving the Chinese.

    The Chinese businessmen are getting smarter about world economics. They know the buyers are there to get the lowest price. Chinese businesses could decide to collude legally. That is to ask the government for price protection via labor laws – afterall, the labor party is in control of the country.

    In China’s eyes, the US dollar is worth less than before. Inflation of the dollar has already happened for them and they’d really like to mark up their Yuan to readjust for the lack of value. Except, it does not have any political leverage against the United States.

    That was until a few days ago. China has launched a satellite killing missle successfully and will use this as a bargaining chip for a few favors from the US. BTW, the North would like to sell off its dollars before this happens. Mr. Bush, any chance you want to unfreeze their accounts and tag the money?

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    Damnit! One of our informants in China got hit by a truck and died.

    We just got wind that one of our long time targets is going to be in Southern China to solicit bids. So the operations team was planning a snatch and grab using local talent. I call my area informant up and this crying woman answers.

    I guess my informant came from a semi-wealthy family, therefore, his family had hired a “mourning woman” – a woman who cries and yells and takes care of declining any inquiries to the family. That’s how I found out.

    So, now, I have to 1) find another contact in Southern China or 2) go there myself. Since we’d be interrogating this target under high duress, I guess it’d be best to do it ourselves.

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    iPhone ShMyPhone

    Cisco is suing Apple over the iPhone trademark. Cisco owns the trademark for “iPhone” since it bought out a smaller company way back when.

    If the naming of the AppleTV (prev. code named iTV) is any indication, Apple is not going to use the name “iPhone” when the product actually ships in June. So Apple will ignore Cisco, and it will ignore the courts, because it is not going to break the law when the product actually makes it past semi-vaporware.

    … like Cisco isn’t asking for money!?

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    The iPhone Announced (Officially)

    Well, this is great. The day before US president George W. Bush’s announcement of his new plans for the on-going war in iraq, Apple had theirs. No, they did not announce to drop 20,000 iPods onto Iraq, but rather they’ve announced a new product which its introduction was speculated and rumored of, even right here.

    I travel profusely. I have three cell phones. A GSM world phone, a CDMA phone for the US, and a 3G phone for Japan, and sometimes I even rent a SAT-phone if I’m in the middle of the desert. Where is Apple’s device going to fit into my agenda? Unfortunately, nowhere. This is one device from Apple, albeit cool, that I will not own. It was really easy when Apple only had one product to sell for a three year period back in the 80’s.

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    Bank Job

    I didn’t think I’d be doing anything remotely close to this. My team is going to rob a “bank”.

    This is not just any bank, it is THE BANK that manages the funds for really bad people that everyone thought was impossible to track down.

    This may be a good time to call in sick if you’re a banker.