• Sidetracked

    The PR company should get FI(RED)

    Some of you may be familiar with the PRODUCT RED project. It’s quite disheartening to know that such a noble minded project could be marred by words that also end in (RED), like FI(RED), MURDE(RED), and TI(RED). My favorite may be DISMEMBE(RED). Or, if you’d rather go political, there’s (RED)HERRING and (RED)TAPE. For those interested in free speech, there’s also CENSO(RED).

    Somebody should make a shirt.

  • Social dillemas

    Deception of “Do what tastes right”.


    There’s a huge orange electronic billboard at a street corner near where I work. A county project to widen the roads and add turn lanes has been going on for some time. The construction has closed off the lane closest to a shopping center with many businesses, and apparently, business owners have complained about the scarcity of customers.

    Unfortunately, the cause of the decline in traffic may not be because of the construction. For the past two weeks, we have been experiencing below freezing weather. We had a record low of NEGATIVE 9 F over the weekend.

    Within the shopping center, there is a Wendy’s hamburger restaurant. Recently, Wendy’s restaurants around the nation has begun offering “Medium” and “Large” combination meals (a sandwich plus fries and drinks) following suit with larger companies like McDonald’s and Burger King. I guess the “Biggie Size” campaign wasn’t going so well. But what’s deceiving is, the cashier will ask you, “would you like a medium or large?”, and does not mention that the original and default size is “small”. They ask in such a tone that “medium” and “large” seem to be the only two options. So, my favorite thing to do these days is to tell them “NO, I’d like a small, please”. I wonder what kind of aftertaste does it leave when you deceive a customer and you get caught in it.