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    I awoke to the unfamiliar yet unmistakeable stench of the harbour. I dreamt of orange and vanilla ice cream and had forgotten that I was staying by the base. Outside, two behemoth’s were moored – one just arriving at the crack of dawn to and to be replaced by the other at dusk. The crew were piling up at 6:00 AM.

    Fortunately, I was not going to be trapped in the metal coffin for the next three months, but only here to visit a fellow Mac user leaving on a Kongo class. He was pleased that I was able to fix his iPhoto software, filled with tons of family pictures, and invited me for a meal.

    Apparently, they got American news casts at the club. A picture of a young Korean man was being paraded over 5 news networks. Local police in Virginia was certain that this man went on a gunblazing rampage throughout his campus. They explained how he was a 1st generation Korean American, a Green Card holder, an English major, and misleadingly yet diligently dispersing snippets of quotes from his dying message.

    I thought, “This is exactly what he wanted”. *snicker*.

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    Death Note

    I’ve recently travelled to San Diego, California to meet some “scientists”. While eating a late lunch at a local Scottish eatery with golden arches, I got a phone call on my cell phone. The raspy voice on the other side was a friend from Japan. Apparently, he just finished watching the movie “Death Note” and its sequel and wanted to tell somebody but could not call anybody because it was 2AM in Japan.

    While he laid out the synopsis of the movie – and the original manga, which he have also read all twelve volumes of, I started thinking how I could have done my most recent job differently. Think about the savings on airfare alone!

    I decided to order the movie.

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    Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter

    The Apple MagSafe Airline Adapter is not exactly what I was looking for, but it is the ONLY in-air solution for the MacBook and MacBook Pro.

    It does what it advertises but falls short on what many International travellers have come to expect from airline power adapters. It doesn’t recharge and it doesn’t regulate power. Also, it’s quite expensive for what it doesn’t do.

    The main problem stems from its simple design. It does not have a DC power regulator, or a brick, that controls the voltage and current from the in-seat power. The in-seat power is very unstable and there are no guarantees on the amount of current or wattage. That is exactly why many users are getting “power save mode” performance from their MacBooks. This is also why the MBPs won’t recharge and why one cannot use this adapter with an automobile cigarette socket.

    Given the current technology, regulating electricity is not complicated nor is it expensive. An addition of a “brick” to this cable should not raise the price too much. Users would probably settle for the same price as the original MBP AC adapter.

    There is one other solution if you don’t mind the bulk. There are 3rd party airline to AC power adapters that provide 120 volts of regulated power.