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    ‘Hitman’ scams

    In the CNN article, “Authorities investigate online ‘hitman’ scams“, it is mentioned at the end that some scammers actually combine information harvested from identity theft to threaten the victim. Well, in the United States, you could be tried for attempted murder if you threaten to kill someone. So far the FBI is involved, but it is becoming clear that the scammers are overseas. What happens when a foreign national attempts to murder a citizen of your own country? Well, in the US, we have laws that can be bent a little – you can be considered a terrorist. Thus subject to the PATRIOT ACT and investigation by foreign partners in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security. Like the FBI agent at the end says, that IS going too far.

    Nonetheless, if a hitman asks you for money, he’s not going to kill you. That’s a dead giveaway. :)

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