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    Re: Mac OS X VPN Ports to Open [by celiawessen]

    Vending Machine-less Lounge:: Mac OS X VPN Ports to Open
    To open the IP-GRE protocol through the ServerAdmin GUI, you'll need to set the firewall to let through incoming traffic on ANY port through protocol 47.

    In Mac OS X Server 10.4 this is done easily by going to ServerAdmin > Firewall > Settings > Services. In the list of pre-set rules, all the way at the top is the GRE (and ESP) settings.

    In Mac OS X Server 10.3 you'll have to make your own rule:

    Action: Allow
    Protocol: Other… 47
    Service: Other

    Address: any
    Port: -blank-

    Address: any
    Port: -blank-
    Interface: In

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    Former Marine Tackles Robbery Suspect – CNN.com

    In this CNN.com article, a teller, a robber, and a former marine walks into a bank.

    In short, the former marine caught the robber, but he was mis-quoted when he said, “it was a very stupid decision and now you get to spend 20 years of your life [in jail] just for taking some money”. 

     You see, the marine was there to talk with a bank manager about $100 missing from his account. Of course, the bank took it. Banks do that you know, they nickel and dime us out of our hard earned cash and call them “fees”. They got millions of dollars already  to be invested and they still want to charge us “fees” for lending them our money. Fuck them, shit on them – hey catch them and let them spend 20 years in jail.

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    Removing a Fujitsu Ten 6 CD Changer from a Lexus LX470 (98~03)

    Are you the owner of a 1998~2003 Lexus LX470? Do you have the factory installed  in-dash 6 CD changer? Is a CD stuck in the drive? Does the display read “ERR3”? 

    I will show you how to remove the CD player from your dashboard and recover your discs. This DOES NOT FIX THE ERR3 CODE. This will most certainly VOID ANY WARRANTY ON THE PLAYER. Oh, and you probably won’t be able to rebuild the CD player. Mainly, this is for people that are ready to sell their LX and only need to recover the discs.