• Sidetracked

    You Know What Happens Now

    Apparently, someone is conning mega stores out of money by phoning in bomb threats. 

    Now that the FBI has caught on that it is a scam, you know what happens next.

    Usually, the perpetrator makes good on his promise. The next store to get a call WILL explode. 

    But to do that, the perp must find a domestic accomplice – which will be surely found and employed for a cut. That will be the new lead for the FBI. It would have been better if people didn’t die.

  • Life Lessons

    Journals and Notes

    When I was in high school, I use to doodle in my notebook. Come time to turn in some pages from my notes, I had to let the teacher see my wonderful drawings of maze-like faces of cartoons performing contorted sex.

     I still cannot break the habit of writing my diary/journals in the same notebook as the one I use for scheduling and inventory at work. Come time to show some numbers to my boss, she has to see my thoughts on “latex condoms and its effect on humming birds”.

     So, take it from me, a life long notebook schizo. Use separate notebooks for your school/work notes and private works.  

  • Automotive

    Removing Stuck Discs From a Fujitsu Ten 6 CD Changer

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    Welcome back to part 2 of how to remove discs stuck in your Fujitsu Ten 6 CD Changer. This particular one came from a 1998 Lexus LX470, but it is the same for Toyota Land Cruisers.

    Tools you’ll need:

    • Metric #1 plus screwdriver
    • Needle nose tweezers
    • Crane neck tweezers

    dsc04557s.jpgFirst off, you’ll need to remove the face plate from the  CD changer. It is held by  a total of six (6) latches, three (3) on the top and three (3) on the bottom. You’ll find it easier to disengage all three on the top and to pull the face plate off carefully.


  • Social dillemas,  Tech


    When you make a purchase from the Apple Store online or retail, you have the option to turn in your old equipment for recycling.

    The option to do so online is TOO FUCKING SMALL. The checkbox is located at the very bottom of the checkout process screen where you input your payment and shipping method. It is actually located BELOW the “continue” button.

     I know Apple loses money every time somebody recycles a computer through them. I know recycling in general is a waste of money and thus a waste of energy. That’s right, I do not beleive in the benefits of consumer recycling programs. I actually voted against the shareholder resolution to force Apple to take up recycling. Energy savings and environmental health starts with prevention – to not use energy and resources in the first place, to not consume. We, as consumers, fail to do that from step one.

    But doing something that doesn’t work and doing something half assed is two totally separate issues. If Apple decided to take computers for recycling, they should make sure that people participate. And if they disagree, fight it to the death. Don’t just hide the issue in a dark corner and hope that nobody notices. I did.

  • Uncategorized

    Sky PE

    Look at what I found

    To all sysadmins on the FLASH feed,At some time on August 16, 2007, the [Echelon] system will go through a handshake procedure with the [Great Firewall of China]. This will be a node-to-node-to-node full redundancy connection. That is, it will take 24-36 hours to complete. During that time, the Department [of Homeland Security] and the [National Security] Administration will allocate all available resources to inter-department traffic. Because of this, you may notice major lag times in connections on certain public networks and ports. We recommend that urgent messages be sent via POT and TELCO means instead of IP.

    Aw, then I found out that this is some crap from people who wear tin foil hats. So, I’m guessing human error?