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    Airport Express Being Discontinued?

    The prices for  Apple’s  Airport Express at Amazon.com and other online retailers are sky rocketing. The current MSRP from Apple is US$99.00 but some are selling the Airport Express for nearly twice the price. The AppleStore Online is showing that the Express base station ships in 2-3 weeks.

    That could only mean one thing (okay, it could mean a few different things, but probably it points toward the same trend). Apple is discontinuing the current model of the Airport Express base station. Apple has moved onto the faster 802.11n standard for its wireless connection. The Airport Express only supports the 802.11g, so there is a chance that Apple will be replacing the Express with a speedier 802.11n version.

    One request I have for Apple is that they include a mounting panel to have the damn thing placed on the desk or higher up on the wall away from the power source.

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    Ash Like Snow

    I was walking through a Japanese record store and found this new disc. Apparently, The Brilliant Green is back together and they’re doing the new “Gundam 00” theme song. The cover art caught my eye, so I decided to give it a listen at the listening booth. Well, it hit me strong enough that I bought the single.


    It hit me bad. It made me cry over and over. Yes yes, I know every Dick, Jane, and Harry has translated and transliterated this damn song already, but goddammit, this one is SINGABLE… maybe by a screamer, like Amy from Evanescence. :p



     Ash Like Snow


    I see, the  sky is  soaked in red

    In darkness swallowed, taking all that I’ve ever known,

    Nothing is left for me and all that’s here 

    is ash like snow that falls in silent tears