• Social dillemas


    What the fuck do you mean by unacceptable? It was a genuine offer of what I am able to do for you, and you tell me you cannot take it? Weren’t you the one that asked for it in the first place? And it’s not like you don’t want it anymore. Oh no, you still want it. But you want it better. The way you want it. Well, then. You shouldn’t ask me for it, because my best is not good enough for you. Fuck you. Go fuck somebody else. 

  • Confusion

    Awoke in a sweat again

    Lately, I’ve been waking in sweat. Usually preceded by a nightmare. Last night’s dream was actually awesome… well if snatching a brand new iPod from the wreckage of a plane crash is cool to you.

  • Confusion

    Why did the chicken jump in front of the car?

    This year, the BBC created a April Fool’s joke film about penguins flying. It was pretty well made and the CG was quite convincing. Then it got me thinking, if penguins should even be called “birds” any more.

    Someone else’s blog pointed out that a bird that cannot fly is a bird no more. Of course, it was a displaced comment on how he feels that some people are not worthy of their title once they become delinquent in exercising their abilities. This, after seeing a pigeon cross the street by walking instead of flying.

    That got me thinking of the age old joke, “Why did the chicken cross the road”? The chicken really didn’t want to get to the other side, she wanted to die.