• Confusion

    Zen (Un)Happiness

    Suddenly I noticed that I wasn’t happy. So I picked up a book at the local B&N. I did not buy it, I picked it up, read about half of it, then returned it to the shelf. I don’t quite remember the title, but it was a red and yellow book about Zen and Happiness.

    The book had nothing to do about Zen Buddhism. It just took a Zen-ish approach to achieving happiness so that un-happiness would not get in the way of achieving it. Of course. Logically it totally makes sense. If you want to be happy, don’t be unhappy!

    Anyways, the book didn’t help me achieve happiness. It actually made me feel worse by reiterating that the unhappiness around me was created by my own unwillingness to be happy. So, it was all my fault after all.