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    Army as Heinous as Big Tobacco

    Before anybody starts to hammer me, let me say that I am ALL FOR the men and women of the armed forces that are already in theater, risking their lives for the people at home.

    But this CNN article talks of a Army flavored playground, enticing teenagers to get hooked on military action, that is as bad as bubblegum flavored cigarettes.

    You probably have heard this argument over and over – There is NO RESET BUTTON to war. And the simulation facility completely undermines this fact.

    I would only support such facilities if there were simulated repercussions to mission failure – like if you die in a simulation, you can’t see your friends for a whole month, or you have to walk around with one hand tied behind your back and wear an eye patch for a week.

    Without penalties to failure and warnings to the consequences, the Army is as responsible for dead kids as much as the tobacco companies are for cancer patients.

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    Mojibake with Japanese Filenames

    Japanese filenames will cause MOJIBAKE in squirrelmail when POST is used through PHP. You will need to make the following changes to php.ini on a new server.

    mbstring.language = Japanese

    mbstring.http_input = auto

    You may also force, if you wish:

    .internal_encoding = EUC-JP

    but, it is not necessary to do so.

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    US CPB Expands Global Entry Program to Public

    The United States Customs and Border Patrol has opened it’s “Global Entry” program to the wider public last summer. Global Entry is a travel program that prescreens US citizens and nationals to expedite immigration and customs formalities at participating international airports. Approved travelers will be able to use designated kiosks at participating airports to electronically process their entry into the US without waiting in line with the droves of other travelers.

    The problem with the program currently

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    Happy 2009!?

    Well, sentiments of the title aside, the past year was quite full of shit for me. Yes, yes, there were happy moments here and there, but overall, one betrayal after another, employees embezzling from the company, and competitors trying to kill me (literally, murder!), 2008 was awful.

    But I am thankful and ever grateful for those people that stuck by me and believed in me… or at least believed in our business. Some of them were badly hurt, some of them even died. Their sacrifices will not be in vein.

    I hope to see some people eliminated this new year.