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    Debrief: Valeo Ultimate Wipers

    Almost three years ago, I wrote some stuff about the Valeo Ultimate Wipers. After three full winters, the set finally crapped out. So here’s my post usage review.

    The Valeo Ultimate Wipers (VUW) on my 1998 LX470 has finally died. Mostly in part to my repeated abuse. If I were more careful about not letting the wipers sit on the freezing windshield during the day, the pair could have lasted longer. I got the VUW in March of 2006 and used it through the winter of 2006/2007 then 2007/2008. Sometime during early 2008, the snap-on clip that holds the wiper blade on the wiper arm was damaged and I could no longer rely on the holding pressure against the windshield, but the VUW performed without much trouble through the summer. But the winter of 2008/2009 really killed the blades. Wiped water would refreeze on the blades while the car was parked outside.

    Normally during winter, drivers around my locale would raise the wiper arms off the windshield so that the blades will not freeze onto the glass. But with the broken clip, the blade would fall off the arm if I were to raise it off the glass. Thus, my dilemma of leaving the wiper to freeze onto the windshield. After a few weeks of -20F weather, the driver’s side wiper blade finally ripped a week ago.

    Overall, I am quite happy at the performance of the VUW. They’ve lasted me almost 36 months and worked perfectly (albeit with some help from RainX) during their tenure. I would recommend a set to anybody and probably would buy them again – except for the fact that now, many wiper manufacturers have come out with similar single beam wipers for me to try out.

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