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    10th Anniversary!

    I can’t believe it. CeliaMania has been around for 10 years this May. What was I doing in May of 1999? I think I was trying to convince everyone to move all their data to a Mac to prevent Y2K data corruption. Nothing really happened with Y2K, but  within a year, everybody hit the 2 GB wall with Windows.

    I started my Internet citizenship in 1995. I still remember the first site we had with the <blink>  tag. I was still using an Apple Powerbook 540c and carrying around a 500 MB external hard drive with compiled projects. Now my cell phone is more powerful than those two combined.

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    Photo: Broken MTM Special Ops Watch

    DSC04918.JPGHere’s a picture of the broken screw on the MTM Black Hawk. Notice that the crown is in the pulled out position, but the receiving stem is not on the case. It’s actually still screwed into the crown. So now, the crown just pops in and out whenever it wants to.

  • Social dillemas

    Talking like birds

    They say birds talk unintelligibly and that’s probably what we all do on Twitter. I just signed up for my own account tonight. I can see how it could quickly become addicting and suddenly be forgotten. It’s exciting to see my tweets being sent out to the world every five seconds. But as I divulge more and more of my life to the whole wide world, I become more careful, and the time between each tweet begins to increase. It is like any addiction. It becomes more difficult to get the same high without working harder and harder. And like any addiction, you see the devolution, as the tweets get sloppier and the attitude nastier. Then the show-down happens… users leave Twitter. But I don’t think Twitter has anything to worry about. It provides a fast easy high – for free to those with access. Just like any addiction based industry, there’s an endless number of users to get hooked on this stuff.