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    Mac OS X Server: Unable to add the root user to service-based ACL for SSH

    Products Affected
    Mac OS X Server 10.4, Mac OS X Server 10.3, Mac OS X Server

    Issue or symptom
    When using a service-based Access Control List (ACL) for ssh services, you may be unable to add the root user to the list of allowed users.

    Add the root user to the ACL using niutil in Terminal.

    Open Terminal
    Execute this command on a single line

    sudo dseditgroup o edit a root t user com.apple.access_ssh

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    You Invaded MY Space

    His name is Harry or Barry.

    This guy rolled his swivel chair over to my cubicle and told me to tone my voice down during a phone call while sitting in the business center at the local airport lounge. I was talking much quieter than the two women down the aisle but I guess he didn’t like me being right behind him. I was here two hours before he arrived and already manned with a notebook computer, a cell phone and a stationary phone. The cubicles in the business center are equipped with courtesy phones too. If he wanted quiet, he should have moved to the Quiet Room on the other side of the lounge (yes, there is such a room here).

    BTW, there is somebody here with a laptop from like the 80s with a keyboard that goes “CLAK CLAK CLAK” every time they hit the space bar.