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    Squirrelmail: Attachments download as “download.php” when using 2-byte interface


    When downloading an attachment from the Squirrelmail webmail interface, the downloaded file’s filename remains as “download.php” instead of being renamed to the correct filename. This only happens when a 2-byte character language interface is selected from “Options > Display options”.


    When using a 2-byte language interface, the encoding and decoding of the attachment filename is passed through the i18n.php logic. The particular code detects the users’ CPU platform and passes along the decoding to a function accordingly. The code in “functions/i18n.php” has an error where the CPU detection string uses “Mac_” instead of “Mac”. “Mac_” only applies to MSIE. It is very likely that the programmers of i18n.php has only tested this code using MSIE and not Safari or a Mozilla variant.


    Edit “functions/i18n.php” around line 630. Change:

    strstr($useragent, 'Mac_') !== false) {
    strstr($useragent, 'Mac') !== false) {
    *** This method has not worked consistently throughout version updates. Please make a backup of the original file before proceeding. ***
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    Clear Google search history from Safari Toolbar (v.4.0.3 and up)

    Until Safari 4.0.3, there was an option at the very bottom of the Search drop down list (accessible from the small triangle next to the spyglass icon) called “Clear Search History” that cleared the previously entered search strings. This gave the false sense of security to users, because the search results page were still stored in the browser’s history and had to be cleared separately. Instead of selectively clearing the browser’s history for Google search results pages, Apple decided to just omit the feature until further notice. Now, the only way users can completely clear the search history, using Safari v.4.0.3 and up, is to clear the browser’s history – the whole thing.

    Instead, although tedious, users may choose to manually clear the searched strings and the Google search results pages from their history in two separate steps.

    Delete Google results pages from the history

    In Safari 4.0.3 and up, you may now search your history. Search for the following URL string and delete the records that match it:

    google search client safari

    Clear the search strings from the toolbar

    Quit Safari then from the Terminal, run this command:

    defaults delete com.apple.safari RecentSearchStrings

    When you start Safari again, the search history should be empty.

    You may want to store this code in an executable file. I named mine “rmsss” for “ReMove Safari Search Strings”. You could store this executable in /usr/bin to make it globally available to all users on the same computer… or not.

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    Marié Digby: Breathing Under Water

    Marié Digby: Breathing Under Water [IMPORT CD]Marié Digby’s second major release, “Breathing Under Water” (link to US version), is a departure from her folksie first album ,”Unfold”, but carries a familiar voice without the flashy fakeness usually found when “urbanizing” an artist.

    With heavier beats and a more main stream soundscape, BUW shows that Digby could join the big leagues if and when the producer finds the right match for her “voice”.

    The import version of the CD (pictured) includes four bonus tracks, including “Sanctuary”, which Digby treated all her YouTube fans with an acoustic performance a week before the US release of the album.