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    Long Live the LX

    After 13 years of faithful service, I have finally let go of my 1998 Lexus LX470. Throughout its life with me, it has gone through 3 sets of tires, 2 batteries, 1 drying fan, and countless visits to the gas pump. As the first year model of the 4700 cc version, the vehicle was equipped with the now long-gone full leather steering wheel. I still don’t understand why people like the wood trim.

  • International,  Sidetracked

    Tactical Gear: Made In Japan?

    A quick shout out to the folks at Volk Tactical Gear in Osaka, Japan. VTG is a manufacturer of MOLLE compatible gear, such as webbing, rigs, and vests. Their gear is sewn with quality workmanship only available from the country that also ships the most sewing machines in the world.

    Ah, smart people have guessed, this is really a hidden plug for sewing machines… No not really.

    One advice:

    VOLK TACTICAL GEAR introduces new items and new deals on Saturday night around 20:00 JST. If you happen to order something late Friday, you’ll be dissappointed to find out that it went on sale less than 24 hours later. So DON’T ORDER FROM VTG ON FRIDAY NIGHT!

    ※WeatheringとFoliage Greenのスペルを間違えているのは大目に見てやってくれ。

  • Sidetracked

    EMOD Stock Hurting? Put a Sock On It!

    EMOD stock on M4A1

    If you have been supplied a M4 with an EMOD stock (VLTOR), you probably have noticed a HOLE IN YOUR SLEEVE… unless you’re wearing your rip-stop BDU. The first summer I received a new M4 with the EMOD stock, I couldn’t understand why there was red paint on the gun. Lo and behold, my hand was bleeding. After careful inspection, I noticed a bright red line across my right forearm.