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    What happened to the Dewalt DC9180 Lithium-ion Battery

    When Dewalt first came out with their DC9180 Lithium batteries, I was VERY interested in them, but was turned off by their price. I was turned off even more when the local Home Depot was selling them for $10 over MSRP.

    So, I thought I’d let the laws of supply and demand dictate the price. I waited a year for the price to come down, but instead, the damned thing started disappearing from retailer’s SKU books. Because Dewalt decided to introduce the batteries at such a high price, there was no demand for it – therefore, the supplies dwindled, and the prices stayed high. Of course, there must have been a few lucky people who’ve made their purchases from smaller retailers desperate to move their unpopular inventory…

    And now, the DC9180 Lithium battery is not on store shelves.

    And the prices, although not much, has come down. So maybe I’ll order the Lithium battery and charger set.

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    Avatar – Not a review

    Well, Avatar has landed in your living room. You could watch it on a 3DTV, but I would rather keep my dinner settled in my stomach. Watching the Blu-ray version in 1080 HD should be enough excitement for me.

    Apparently, it’s some kind of Japanese technology that makes humans look like blue alien beings from Pandora, but I’ve only heard this from a not-so-detail-oriented source, so please don’t take my word for it.

    To tell you the truth, I missed the movie while it was at the theaters. So I can tell you nothing of the movie except that is is blue.

    — UPDATE —

    I’ve ordered the movie from Amazon.com, and it has shipped but has not arrived… somebody at the USPS depot in Kentucky is fucking around with it.

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    TV Review: 24 -Day 7

    Season seven of 24 was not the most spectacular, but it is the first season to be out on Blu-ray. You get to watch Jack Bauer in full 1080 HD.

    Set in Washington DC, this season brings back an old friend from season 1 and makes new ones, to appear on the next season.

    I think the creators of 24 kind’a missed a great opportunity that is Washington DC. The same could be said for season 8, set in New York.

    You see, unlike LA, cities on the east coast have that “crammed” feeling. The original 13 colony states are much smaller than those out west, so naturally, there is a lack of a fundamental living resource called space. Then there’s the missing grand-ness of the architecture and scenery. DC and NY are not the urban sprawl that is so popular out west. These were conventionally planned cities. In short, it’s missing the “East-Coast” feeling so oozing from other network dramas represented mainly by the Law&Order (NBC) series. CBS does a great job at representing the Big Apple with CSI:NY, and ABC fairs well with other Eastern states. But FOX fubar’ed it with 24 day 7 and 8.