• Tech

    SquirrelMail Locales

    When you update SquirrelMail, you may notice that all users default to the English language interface. This is because the SM package does not contain all the translated locale files. Download the locale files from the SquirrelMail site and install them in the path/squirrelmail/locales/ directory.

  • Sidetracked

    In Memory: Booq Boa XL 2004~2010

    My trusty backpack failed a month before it’s 6th year anniversary.

    Mac users may be familiar with a bag manufacturer by the name of Booq. They operate out of California and specialize in making bags for portable devices. When they opened their shop to the world wide web in 2004, their main target was owners of the then new titanium PowerBook G4 (aka TiBook). The wide distribution of Apple’s scratch prone metal clad laptop called for the now ubiquitous “sleeve” we see on most portable devices – Booq made them for the TiBook.

  • Home Improvement

    Milwaukee M12 Right Angle Drill

    The Milwaukee 2415-21 M12 12-Volt 3/8-Inch Cordless Right Angle Drill/Driver Kit and the 6-Piece Universal Quik-Lok Stubby Flat Boring Bit Set is a match made in tool heaven.

    If you’ve tried out Milwaukee’s M12 tools at all, you know how much power and torque they pack in such a slim package.

    The Right Angle Drill is no different. With a LED light to aid your sighting and a large paddle trigger, you won’t have to contort yourself into a pretzel, trying to squeeze a drill into a corner stud. Compact right angle drills are a MUST for renovation and retrofits.

    The short length of the Stubby bits are a perfect solution for getting into the tightest spots, which probably is why you are using the Right Angle Drill in the first place. The 6 piece set comes with an extender attachment so that you could even use the bits at a conventional length.