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    Survey RC

    I’ve been getting calls from a entity calling themselves “Survey RC” for about a year now, and decided to do some research on them to see who runs this bot.

    Since they always manage to call me on the sub-lines that don’t have Caller ID, I imagine that they are buying specific lists from the phone company’s affiliates.

    Some Googling has told me that Survey RC is a tele-trojan. A classic hook, bate, and sinker. They hook you with a harmless survey, bait you with free hotel stays and cruise tickets, and finally get your personal information. You gotta be pretty gullible or lonely to fall for this, but this country is filled with gullible lonely people.

    Any way, what my fellow netizens say is that, Survey RC is either affiliated with the Ritz Carlton group or Ramada Cruise services. Maybe both hotel groups farmed out their marketing to the same vendor, I dunno. But, wouldn’t it be really crummy to have the label TELEMARKETER sprawled on your flagship hotels in major cities?

    Yes, citizens are free to file for a demonstration in front of your luxe hotels with big banners and chanting at reasonable volume. I mean, if I was the GM at either hotel chain, I’d stop Survey RC from harassing my potential customers even if Survey RC wasn’t my affiliate. They are tarnishing my name.

    So in conclusion, I have no good leads as to who runs Survey RC and how to stop them from calling, but can only hope big money can solve the problem for me and others.