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    2008 Porsche Cayenne Turbo: Oil & Filter Change

    I know that many Cayenne owners have changed the engine oil and the filter on their own. There are the posts on the Rennlist/Renntech forums to prove that it is user serviceable. But all of the examples have been for the V6 Cayenne or the Cayenne S and not for the V8 Cayenne Turbo. Why is this important? Because the V8 engine is built differently, the drain plugs and filters are not exactly the same as the V6 counterparts.

    I’m guessing, with the >$100,000 price tag of the vehicle, most owners of the Turbo can afford taking their cars into the dealer to have the service department change the oil.

    My problem with that was that I had the most awful time at local dealer. So awful that I’ve written to Dr. Porsche Senior at his grave. Instead of taking the car to the dealer, I decided to do it on my own.

    The closest thing to the Turbo, I could find instructions for,  was the Cayenne Transsyberia. Some Transsyberia owners live in really rural parts of the world and have changed their own oil without going to a dealer or a shop. Too bad I found these instructions AFTER I was already done.

    ***UPDATE*** You must elevate the vehicle and have access from below. You will need a combination of Torx drivers to remove three protective plates from the vehicle to gain access to the drain plug and oil filter housing.

    Any way, the 2008 Turbo only has ONE (1) drain plug as pictured below.

    The oil filter (yellow) is slanted 45 degrees to the right side of the vehicle. Access is inhibited by a U shaped hydraulic line (green).

    You may remove the bolt holding the lines to move them out of the way. There is a hour-glass shaped washer in there, don’t lose it.

    Access to the filter is limited. I couldn’t cover the whole thing with a plastic bag. Try making a deflector with a plastic board or wax lined milk/juice  carton.

    The filter case was hard to access. I used a pair of 12 in. ChannelLock pliers to turn it. The filter is a MAHLE 0X254.

    The car took 11 quarts of Mobil1 0W-40!