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    Download Chase Brokerage Data as an Excel File [2013]

    So in the ever changing design on Chase Online, the “Dowload as…” links seem to go out of service as Chase IT moves onto new document management systems without removing legacy links.

    For the 2013 redesign, the download as Excel link is now hidden in a “Quick Links” drop down menu on the top right area right below the Symbol lookup search box. To get there, you need to:

    1. Login
    2. Click on ANY investment account to show your Portfolio.
    3. Choose the account you want from the drop down list on the top left.
    4. Choose which kind of report you want. For your 1099-B, that’s “Realized Gain.Loss”.
    5. Choose “Prior Calendar Year” from the period menu.
    6. Click “Tax lots”, so each transaction is separated into short/long term trades and the cost basis is accounted for.
    7.Then from the Quick Links menu, choose “Export As/ MS Excel”. DONT CLICK FRANTICALLY. The Excel link is slow, so only click a second time if the download does start after five seconds.