Need an old DVD? Try your local library.

If you don’t have Netflix or you don’t like streaming videos from Apple or Amazon, then your only choice of watching any movie you want to watch on-demand is through pre-recorded media. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find individual DVDs of older movies, as studios do not reprint more discs of not-so-popular movies.

Before going to a local mega-box store or looking for it on Amazon, you should try your local library. If it’s not at the one in your district, you could always go to neighboring areas. Libraries have a reciprocal program, where you can borrow books and media from almost any library. Many libraries even let you search their database from the web.

And you know the best part about it? It’s FREE as long as you return the materials on time. So try your local library for that hard to find DVD! By the way, don’t be a pirate.

Also, if you replaced some of your DVD collection with Blu-ray discs, be a good guy and donate them to the library.

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