Draft: Not Beer

An article on CNN.com highlights the subject of the draft again amidst the confusing war the US is fighting in Iraq.

I myself am FOR a selective service system that makes each and every American responsible to at least answer to the call for a draft. “You don’t have to join, but you have to call back and tell us. If you want to join the ARMY, press 1. If you want to join the MARINES, press 2…”.

Only males age 18 and higher are registered in the selective service database – and only those that have confirmed their existence through the Dept. of Social Security. The problem with this is that non-US citizens are also registered with Social Security. Receiving a salary and paying taxes in America does not mean you are American. It doesn’t even mean that you are living in America. You could be a terrorist cell member that consults for a US tech company but you’re office could be in Dubai. Is the Selective Service going to call upon you, and because of your masters degree from Harvard, you could be an officer in the US Navy… on a ship with nuclear missles, and in charge of authenticating “the code”.

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  • James

    I am AGAINST the draft. But as Celia mentioned, it might be a good idea to keep a list of people who want to join and who don’t. Like signing the back of your driver’s license for organ donation. The government will have a “ready-to-call” list.

    I myself am not a US citizen, but do have a social security number and work and pay taxes in the US. So, I AM registered on the selective service database. Because of my expertise in certain fields, the ARMY has asked me several times to join an “internship” program. I always answered, “No, I do not want to spend my summer in Iraq”.

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