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Waiting for a Groov

GE Groov Exterior CaulkA month ago, I tweeted about GE Groov caulk. The tubes I bought at the local Home Depot had been sitting on the shelf too long and were very hard – like sucking cookie dough through one of those thin red cocktail straws. I was then contacted by a rep from Momentive Performance Materials, the GE partner that makes the caulk. We got some e-mails going back and forth and he offered to send me some samples.

Great, I thought. I sent him my office address.

A week or so later, I get an e-mail from him saying that FedEx returned his package. FedEx has had problems with delivering to our building. With the economy in the tank, and “For Sale” signs all over the place, the FedEx drivers assume that our building is empty. No, it just has high security. Well, it also didn’t help that we’re all out on the sites and one day our office personnel had a doctor’s appointment.

This happened twice, so I gave him my super-intendant’s address. Super-intendant, as in construction site manager, NOT the guy that changes lightbulbs in the condo hallway. We have yet to receive any sample.

Now, I’m not begging or angry that I didn’t get FREE stuff. It’s free and it’s up to the rep to send it. I was actually quite impressed with how this person tracked me down on Twitter and found a valid e-mail address for me. He tried twice to send me the samples afterall. Damn you FedEx.

So, summer is over and I finished all the caulking needs (went through 16 tubes) with something else. Too bad, because I really wanted to try this product. It would have been so awesome to have a non-glossy finish that held up like silicone.

*** UPDATE ***

We’ve received the samples this week and will be trying it out in the coming months – the shelf life is really short on these tubes.

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