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How to: Replacing a Tub Drain Strainer

I was recently called to a rental property to see if I could find a stopper that would fit a tub drain. Apparently, a previous tenant had removed the pull-twist stopper and has misplaced it. Unfortunately, this manufacturer was no longer selling their parts around my area, so it was not economical to get the same stopper. But to install a new stopper, I had to remove the old center post from the drain strainer. The bad news was, that the center post was riveted to the strainer and would not come out. My only choice was to remove the whole strainer from the tub, but with the center post in the way, no drain wrench would fit. So I had to chisel out the strainer  – and decided that it might be fun to make a how-to video at the same time.

Necessary Tools:

  • Hack saw (electrical recommended)
  • Cold chisel (3/4″ wide or similar)
  • Hammer
  • Pliers with long handle or needle nose
  • New tub drain strainer and stopper
  • Eyes & Ear protection
  1. Make a notch about 1/4″ deep into the inside edge of the strainer.
  2. Place chisel at an angle into the notch.
  3. Hammer chisel to turn strainer counter clock wise.
  4. After loosening, use pliers as handle to turn strainer.
  5. Remove strainer.
  6. Clean drain area.
  7. Apply new bead of plumber’s putty.
  8. Insert new strainer.
  9. Use drain wrench to tighten strainer onto tub.
  10. Attach new stopper to strainer.
  11. Check for water tightness.

If you feel at all uncomfortable with any of these steps, please have a professional do it for you.

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