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Dangerous Weapons

When using this product in Illinois, you need to have a license. Some training may be helpful, but overall, operation is not very difficult. Most manufacturers provide common controls, therefore, once you learn how to operate one. you can pretty much operate them all. You may use it every day. Some of you may use it only on the weekends. You may enjoy it by showing off your shiny new toy to your friends. You can upgrade parts on a factory unit, or even build one from scratch.
You should always watch where this machine is pointed. Two handed operation is recommended. Make sure to adjust all components to your body size. Injuries are common while maintaining or cleaning these machines.
All operators must understand that these machines could become lethal weapons. You may hurt your neighbors or your own family members with one. It is not recommended that you operate these machines while angry.
The misuse of one may cause destruction of property, bodily harm, and death. If you’re complacent, tired, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you may cause an accident with unwanted consequences.


This product is an automobile.

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