Changed Oil

Mobil 1 0w-40So, another milestone for the Porsche Cayenne. 25,000 miles. The “Check Oil” light came On on the dash, so I knew it was time to change the oil.

This time, I changed the oil only and didn’t bother with the filter. Maybe I’ll change the filter at 30,000 miles when I also change tires.

Again, the Cayenne Turbo took 11 qt. of engine oil. 5 qt. of Mobil 0W-40 and 6 qts of Mobil 10W-40 for total of 11 qt. I was lucky one day and found the big 5 qt. jug of 0W-40 at Walmart, selling for $23. Normally, this “high performance” oil is $7 per quart, so $23 was a steal.


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