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Today, I received the e-mail below from a SEO provider that ultimately has something to do with “successories.com”. (Celiamania.com is registered through the private domain service “domainproxy.com”).

To: webmaster

Reply-To: donotreply@domainsbyproxy.com

***SPAM*** FWD: Quick question regarding link removal… [CELIAMANIA.COM@domainsbyproxy.com] (FROM: linkremoval@linkremovalhelp.com)


I am contacting you from a third party agency who is contracted by “successories.com” to monitor and improve the organic ranking of their website successories.com in various search engines. As part of a recent update to search engine algorithms, Google’s tools have detected that there are some links from various pages of your website which have now been considered “spam” by Google and are having a harmful effect on  rankings. This is due to the way in which these links were created.

Organic rankings and traffic to the site are vital to our client’s business, and so it is important for us to bring our site into compliance so that we do not continue to be penalized by what Google thinks are links we acquired purposefully against their Webmaster Guidelines. Since this was not the case, we are formally requesting that you remove all the links to the successories.com site from your website.  In addition, I will be forwarding this email to Google to verify that we are taking the proper measures.

The link to my client’s site is on the following page:

212 Degrees


Thanks again

As you see, they don’t give me their name or any contact info other than the linkremovalhelp.com e-mail address. It’s up to me to go search for it. But I don’t need to. The probability is very very high that this is a SEO staff.

These SEO services have really bad rapport, and I was going to ignore this mundane request, as I was not doing anything wrong or illegal. If you actually look at my pages they refer to, it is somewhat of a negative review of the book “212 Degrees” that they (still) sell on their website. It’s not really a review of the book – but of people who gift such books without much thought.

There’s nothing I need to do – BUT being the nice person I am. I decided to make this a win-win situation. I will go edit that old article and make the “simple text” anchor link into a “relevant text” anchor link.

Also, notice… there are no anchored hyperlinks within this article. :)





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