Note: 2008 Porsche Cayenne Turbo (9PA) Brake Pad & Rotor Replacement

Some notes for the brake pad and rotor replacement on the 2008 CTT.

  • Time – 90 min/wheel
  • Technical -★★☆☆☆
  • Strength – ★★★★★
  • Dexterity -★★★☆☆

On the 2008 Turbo (and possibly the Transsiberia) ONLY, the “big-red” calipers are the closed-top type. Therefore the brake pads cannot be removed without taking the calipers off the mounting brackets. That’s okay, because with how the car eats through the OEM rotors, you’ll want to change the rotors too. The bolt sizes are different from all other model years, so BEWARE.

The process for replacing the pads and rotors are not complicated, but is dirty and probably the heaviest parts one would encounter on a DIY repair. Clean the wheel and tires before starting and prep your garage for a mess. Wear cloths you don’t mind getting dirty and have some disposable gloves ready. You will be working in the shadows of the wheel well – get good lighting.

You will have NO LUCK trying to remove the brake pad wear sensors from the old pads unless the car just rolled off the ship from Germany. Buy new ones.

You really don’t need replacement screws, bolts, or springs if your car has miles but not track/dirt time. Centric Posi Quiet pads come with the retaining clips if you’d like the visible parts to look shiny new.

There are NO RETAINING PINS because the pads are mounted from below.

There is a thin stainless steel backing plate on the OEM pads. You will need to clean and re-use them. Put new brake grease between the new pads and backing plate. NO GREASE between the backing plates and the caliper.

Otherwise, the pad and rotor replacement process is the same as all other 9PA vehicles. The article at is very helpful.


  • Front rotor 368mm (I/C 09.9870.11)
  • Rear rotor 358mm (I/C 09.98710.11)

Brake pads

  • Front brake pads (955.351.939.63 or I/C 104.13490)
  • Rear brake pads (955.352.939.64 or I/C 104.13500)

Brake wear sensors

  • Front
  • Rear


  • Wheel bolts: 19mm
  • Front caliper bolts: 21 mm
  • Rear caliper bolts:
  • Front rotor screw: T47
  • Rear rotor screw:


  • Fron rotor to hub: 10.5 ftlb
  • Front caliper to bracket: 200 ftlb
  • Rear rotor to hub: 10.5 ftlb
  • Rear caliper to bracket: 133 ftlb
  • Wheels to hub: 118 ftlb


  • Jack & Stands
  • Breaker bar (>200 ft/lb)
  • Torque wrench – small (for 10.5 ft/lb)
  • Torque wrench – large (for 200 ft/lb)
  • Socket wrench
  • 19mm deep socket
  • 21mm shallow socket
  • T47 bit socket
  • Socket adapters (as needed)
  • Brake pad spreader or Channel lock-type pliers
  • Short sledge hammer
  • Flat head screw driver or pry-tool
  • Wheel bolt guide
  • Zip ties or a tall bucket
  • Anti-seize (aluminum)
  • Brake pad grease
  • Break cleaner
  • WD-40

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