Fujitsu Scansnap S1500M

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M/S1300 vs OS X Catalina

With the upgrade to OS X Catalina’s 64-bit environment, ScanSnap Manager, the heart and soul of the system is no longer usable. The new 64-bit ScanSnap Home software is not compatible with the older scanners.

Your choice is to:

  • Junk the old scanner and get a new one (expensive)
  • Use 3rd party 64-bit scanning software like VueScan or ExactScan (clunky)
  • Keep the older 32-bit compatible OS X running until the day you buy a new scanner (dangerous)

Although choice 3 sounds like a bad idea for security, there is a way to get around this:

  • Load OS X Mojave in a virtual machine (Parallels/Fusion)
  • Designate an old Mac as a scanning station

If you’re a hoarder holding on to an old ScanSnap, you probably have a end-of-life Mac being used as a dumb station for listening to LIVE Lo-Fi Beats on YouTube. You can designate this machine as a scanning station. You might even have an older printer that still works that you’re not willing to throw away. This Mac will also be your print station! Just remember, this Mac will soon be a security issue, so make sure you don’t leave anything on it.

Of course, if this doesn’t inspire joy, Marie Kondo it and just get a new scanner.

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