[iOS] Cannot login to DirecTV as TV Provider

If you’re a DirecTV subscriber and trying to watch TV shows on iOS/iPad OS/TV OS, you may have encountered an error when trying to log into DirecTV. Individual channel apps may ask you if you want to Link your TV Provider to the app and if you select “Yes”, you will be presented with a login screen for DirecTV.

Unfortunately, the API version of the login screen has some kind of error (probably an encryption mismatch) and will give you an error saying

That User ID doesn't seem to work here. Please sign in with a different ID. Care Code 205.4

You should FIRST check that you have the correct user ID and password by logging into your account page at If that works, then the problem is with the interface between your iOS device’s API and DirecTV’s auth server. You can circumvent the API by logging in via web…

You have to select a TV Provider that is not DirecTV and NOT log in. I chose AT&T U-verse then backed out of the setting screen. This will leave your TV Provider setting blank. Then when an individual channel app asks for your TV Provider info, you can select DirecTV and you will be presented with a clunky web-base login page instead of the sleek API screen.


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