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Ash Like Snow

I was walking through a Japanese record store and found this new disc. Apparently, The Brilliant Green is back together and they’re doing the new “Gundam 00” theme song. The cover art caught my eye, so I decided to give it a listen at the listening booth. Well, it hit me strong enough that I bought the single.


It hit me bad. It made me cry over and over. Yes yes, I know every Dick, Jane, and Harry has translated and transliterated this damn song already, but goddammit, this one is SINGABLE… maybe by a screamer, like Amy from Evanescence. :p



 Ash Like Snow


I see, the  sky is  soaked in red

In darkness swallowed, taking all that I’ve ever known,

Nothing is left for me and all that’s here 

is ash like snow that falls in silent tears

I look for you, but sorrow fills my heart

I’ve never dreamed

I freeze in my path

there… I’ll come for you


My love for you – it’s given me much pain and sorrow

Though it’s guided me through countless nights

But the world around me is changing so fast I can’t keep up 

So I’ve kept hurting what I thought was…

What I thought was you (I have come all this way)


My soul is filled to brim with sin, 

It’s been brewing forever, I think I hear your voice, 

Like tranquilizing pain my mind goes numb

No mercy you take me from that I need


There is no end 

To questions never asked

There are no answers 

To those that I have asked 


(Just tell me one thing)


Your love for me – even if this world was to end now

Will you not forget to guide me through

When the lights are soaked out will you return and come around to save

All that must be turned to ash is all I’ve ever known


There I’ll come for you yeah

Ash Like Snow

It’s (I’m) falling down from you sky

Ash Like Snow (x3)

Let me hear…

why I have to fight


My love for you – it’s given me much pain and sorrow

Though it’s guided me through countless nights

But the price I had paid, cutting through darkness for this glory 

Was not worth losing what I loved.

So I’ve kept hurting… I’ve lost everything

It’s (I’m) falling from your sky

Futile but I swim

Baby I come for you


I grab for shards of hope though they cut through my skin, I bleed

In the hopes of growing strong I’ve closed my heart

And the path to you has now disappeared


But I have come all this way. 

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  • Celia


    Kass, what’s up with all this inspirational stuff. I guess you were not ready to go on the most recent trip alone. You’re coming with me on my next trip and I’ll show you what you really are made out of.

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