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Army as Heinous as Big Tobacco

Before anybody starts to hammer me, let me say that I am ALL FOR the men and women of the armed forces that are already in theater, risking their lives for the people at home.

But this CNN article talks of a Army flavored playground, enticing teenagers to get hooked on military action, that is as bad as bubblegum flavored cigarettes.

You probably have heard this argument over and over – There is NO RESET BUTTON to war. And the simulation facility completely undermines this fact.

I would only support such facilities if there were simulated repercussions to mission failure – like if you die in a simulation, you can’t see your friends for a whole month, or you have to walk around with one hand tied behind your back and wear an eye patch for a week.

Without penalties to failure and warnings to the consequences, the Army is as responsible for dead kids as much as the tobacco companies are for cancer patients.

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