SSL for Apache2 [by celiawessen]

Apache 2 for Redhat Linux:: SSL for Apache2
Traditionally, when using SSL with Apache, one had to configure Apache with modSSL and/or OpenSSL before make.

The modSSL project does not officially support Apache2. Therefore, you'll have to live with the Redhat distro. The RedHat 8 RPM distros of Apache2 is already compiled with a special build of modSSL, so I recommend using those. Also, to be safe, get the Redhat distro for openSSL – not from the openSSL project.

Install the packages if you haven't yet:

-ivh httpd-[i]nn[/i].rpm

-ivh openssl-[i]nn[/i].rpm

Now you need to:
1. Create public RSA key
2. Create a certificate request (CSR)
3. Create a dummy certificate to test site
4. Install official CA certificate once received

All of this can be found HERE.

Just in case they erase the page, here are some notes:

openssl genrsa 
-des3 -out filename.key 1024

openssl req 
-new -key filename.key -out filename.csr

openssl req 
-new -key filename.key -x509 -out filename.crt

When you installed openSSL, it had created an Apache ssl.conf file in the /etc/httpd/conf.d directory. This is where all default SSL virtualhost info is saved, but you must go into each virtualhosts' respective conf files and configure them for SSL.





[b]SSLEngine on



Directory "/var/www/html/shop/">

b]    SSLOptions +StdEnvVars[/b]